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Remember Anne of Green Gables (the tv show)?

It was one of my favourite series as a kid and I watched it countless times. I worshiped and adored Anne, I loved Matthew, Marilla and Anne's best bosom friendship with dopey Diana. I didn't know what I was doing at the time but I now know that I shipped Anne/Gilbert so hard it hurt. Such a great, epic romance, he fell so HARD for her so fast and he knew it but she was too proud and stubborn to realise she felt exactly the same.

And now I'm watching it again! And it's PERFECT. It makes me smile, it makes my heart soar! Anne is still so wonderful to me and Gilbert's still dreamy, and Matthew and Marilla are still the best parents ever. Why have I never seen Megan Follows in anything else since? Maybe because she was so iconic as Anne that casting agents couldn't imagine her as anyone else. Sad, but I get it. Ooh she was in Lie to Me one time. I might have to check that episode out.
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