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The TV (and porn) I watched over the weekend...

Community, 2:10: Mixology Certification

I liked this episode. Mostly because I love Troy best and he was central to the story, also because the darker tone was a nice change of pace. But also because I still ship Jeff/Britta. While Jeff and Annie have sexual chemistry with each other sometimes, Jeff and Britta are much funnier together, and I find their chemistry hotter because the tension between them is more interesting. I could watch them bicker all day, and I like how into it they are - they must enjoy it because they spent the entire night bickering and then they ended up kissing! They seem more like equals whereas Jeff and Annie are like (much older) brother and (kid) sister. Hey though I'm not judging, I like pervy ships as much as the next person, just not so much in this case.

If I had one complaint it was the anti-drinking message. Uh, most people drink because it's fun! So to have every character be sad and pathetic and not having any fun (except, arguably, Jeff and Britta) is lame.

30 Rock, 5.09: Chain Reaction Of Mental Anguish

Not my favourite of the season but Donald kills me.

Bones, 6.08: The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck

I can't help it, I don't like Hannah. I'm trying to figure out if I just don't find the actress appealing or if it's the way she's written. I mean she clearly only exists to be another obstacle in the path of a Booth/Brennan romance, but I'm pretty sure that's not the reason I dislike her. Maybe it's because her only flaw appears to be that she's perfect?

Love that there was lots of Sweets scenes, and particularly loved his reaction to finding out the teacher was shagging a student.


Just slipping this in here because I'm going through one of my Watching Porn phases, and you never know you might be interested: my newest discovery is gay male porn star Tommy Defendi. Highly recommended, ladies. I very rarely find porn stars hot but this guy is off the charts. He is sexy and gorgeous with a great physique, a "nice natural bush"(as one review pointed out) and a great big cock. He's also talkative, which I like, and he has noisy orgasms. But how do I find his films, Kate? I hear you wailing. Well! As luck would have it the internet loves us:

Tommy Defendi downloads galore!

The first one I saw was Men Hard At Work which is as good a place to start as any, in my humble opinion.

Sons of Anarchy Season 3

Overall I didn't like this season much but I will be tuning in next year because I'm intrigued by the storylines they've set up. Mostly though I hope a few years in the pen will convince Jax to lose the beard. I also hope season 4 won't be as illogical or as morally and ethically barren.

Smallville, 1.10: Luthor

Jesus Christ Tom Welling makes a sexy psychopath. Frightening, sure, but delectable. Tom and Cassidy have a lot of chemistry and they look really good kissing each other (better than Tom and Erica I hate to admit). Why did fun!Clark not get more screen time? I don't like him as a person or anything but he is extremely attractive and entertaining.

Loved the Clois scenes.

Most importantly, however, Lex BRANDED Clark. I need alternative universe Clex porn right now. RIGHT NOW PEOPLE. Ultra Clark clearly doesn't have a problem fucking his siblings, right? He and Lex grew up together, in the same house, with constant access to each other's bedroom. Of course they were fucking. Neither of them have any morals and they're both super hot: you do the math!
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