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Smallville, 10.9: Patriot

Hahaha "I should have been more stealth." That's officially my favourite line of dialogue... ever.

I mean really. How so incredibly awful, Smallville? It was so bad it was funny. Which I can get on board with, sure, just stop making Clark/Lois scenes boring. Because they're my ship and I shouldn't be itching for their scenes to end (like that one on the porch where Lois wonders if they'll ever be as special as Mr and Mrs Aquamorons. MAKE IT STOP). I'm now tired of all the contrived conflict between them. Tell some other stories and let them be a functional couple already!

Speaking of the Aquas, if the show insists on bringing back Alan Ritchson to play Arthur, why do they feel it necessary to let him talk? Do they hate us? And thanks so much, Mera, for explaining Lois to us, then explaining Clois to us, then explaining Clark to us. Because if you hadn't spelled it out in small words like we're a bunch of five year olds we might have been confused. "You are what Clark needs. You treat Clark not as your superior, but as an equal, and insist that he do the same." WHO TALKS LIKE THAT?
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