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I've really gotten out of the posting habit lately huh. I'm so much more busy at work than I used to be, that's the main reason. I always preferred posting at work than at home because when your job is cruisy and you have basically unrestricted access to the internet (working at a university has its perks!) fandom is the most awesome past-time ever. Always something to read, something to talk about, new people to meet, friends to hang out with, porn.

Not that I'm completely out of the loop or anything. I still read my flist and every once in a while I even comment. I'm basically a lurker though. It's not that I don't have opinions or that I don't want to express them, and it's not that I don't want to talk to you. It's that when I'm at home in my pajamas I am too lazy to do effortful things like typing.

Except now apparently!

So I still watch a shitload of television, obviously. Some brief, non-spoilery commentary on my shows in no particular order behind the cut...

~ Six episodes in and I am completely engrossed in Boardwalk Empire. I have noticed that the ones that start slow are often the most rewarding in the long term.

~ 30 Rock is great again (except for Avery and Kenneth).

~Sons of Anarchy went in the direction I prayed for in a recent post (which delighted me) and then they blew it by turning it into a joke (which didn't).

~ Friday Night Lights might not be perfect anymore but it's as emotionally resonant as ever.

~ Cougar Town is fun but I'm really tired of how much flak Jules gets in Alan Sepinwall's blog, given that all the characters are basically selfish assholes, not just Jules, and I personally think Courteney Cox is hilarious when she's mean so fuck you not everyone finds her unbearable. I find fucking BOBBY fucking unbearable while we're comparing notes, Jesus.

~ HIMYM *appears* to be heading down the Barney/Robin path again which YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (if not and they're just teasing me I will be so pissed).

~ Modern Family is quite good but the only two characters I find consistently funny are Phil and Luke.

~ Community is also quite good except when it's being incredibly offensive.

~ Weeds has finished now and I was pretty pleased with this season but can't think of anything to say about it.

~ Sunny is fucking classic (particularly "Who got Dee pregnant").

~ Bored to Death is my favourite.

~ I'm about to watch the latest episode of Bones and I'm looking forward to it for no other reason than because the characters are a pleasure to spend time with even when the writing around them isn't great (and it's usually pretty good!).

~ The Vampire Diaries continues to kick ass (I♥KATHERINE SO MUCH. I genuinely can't believe I used to not like Nina Dobrev. I adore her now).

~ The Mentalist fills me with glee. I love it unconditionally. I know people have issues with season 2 but I just can't seem to think objectively about Patrick Jane. I don't love him in spite of his flaws I love him BECAUSE of them and I don't care what anyone says!

~ And, finally, Smallville. Mostly awful although "Ambush" was lovely.
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