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The Walking Cliche: Waste of a good idea

I started writing this last night then fell asleep instead of posting it. I'm not going to bother cutting this post because there aren't really any spoilers here (other than mood spoilers).

I quit. I can't get through The Walking Dead. Every character is a (stupid/offensive) stereotype, every line a hackneyed embarrassment. I like some of the visuals but I can't get past the awful, cheesy dialogue or the overwrought acting. Or the impatient pacing, or Andrew Lincoln, a charisma-free zone with no ability to make his character believable or to transcend the bad writing, he's just bad, it's all just very, very bad.

I am not so cynical that I can't be creeped out, or scared, by decent horror, but this is not decent. Like any genre, getting horror right is a fine art: you have to build tension, and dread, you have to keep me on the edge of my seat, you have to invest my interest in the characters, you might even have something to say about humanity.

In this media-saturated world, to stand out - which good Lord you HAVE to do otherwise you'll fade away into the nothingness of history - you need to be better than average. The Walking Dead is so. depressingly. average.

I knew the show would never be able to recover in my eyes whilst watching that awful, ridiculous scene near the beginning where the two cops are in the car having a conversation about women and the one who isn't Andrew Lincoln says something like, "I've never met a woman who could switch off a light." Uh... And then he bangs on about that for a while, complaining about hypocritical bitches who don't know how to use light switches even though they supposedly care about saving the planet. And look it's not like I hate that scene because the two male characters are stupid, sexist douchebags okay. I hate it because it doesn't make any fucking sense. It is not a clever observation about the fairer sex, it's contrived nonsense, and a transparent (failed) attempt to make the guys seem more realistic. It's like, whoever wrote it thought they were writing naturalistic dialogue (that's the way guys TALK to each other, isn't it? I'm a big fan of Mad Men and I've learnt from that show that dudes are all sexist and it's okay to portray that!) but it ended up just sounding bizarre and offensive. Whoever wrote this episode should not be allowed near a pen ever again. I turned it off halfway through so maybe some great female characters turn up at some point, but for the first half of the episode it's just men, and in the first proper scene two of the men have a conversation about how awful women are. UGH. A part of me feels like I should watch the rest of the pilot so my hatred is better informed but honestly I'd rather stab myself in the forehead.
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