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Sons of Anarchy, 3.08: Lochan Mor

This season of Sons of Anarchy might not be as good as last (I won't go into the reasons why here - I pretty much agree with Alan Sepinwall's criticisms, although I'm probably enjoying it more than he is) but man, if they go down the route of Jax and his half-sister Trinity acting on their attraction to one another I will be really impressed. Genetic Sexual Attraction is a very real thing and an issue I'd love to see tackled by a decent drama like SoA, not least because this show would make it incredibly hot. Who doesn't have a kink for forbidden love between two hotties, am I right? No disrespect to Tara intended, of course, because she's my favourite, but if Jax IS going to be a dirty cheater I'd rather it be because he simply cannot resist the powerful urge to fuck his sister than because he's a disrespectful douchebag.
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