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I Things...

I am very tired and hungover and I want to go home. Sharan is so out of order because she's "working from home" today while I had to get in for 8am.

I bunked off class last night and went to the pub instead. It's the screenwriting class which I thought would be fun but which I hate. The teacher is an experienced screenwriter but I don't think an experienced teacher, and the class is full of morons and I'm not learning anything. Blergh.

I've fallen in love with a dead man. His name is Rick Roderick and he was a professor at Duke and his lectures (which I've been watching on youtube) are incredible. I'd give anything to meet him but I can't because he died in 2002. When I discovered that after watching his lecture on Kant and the Path to Enlightenment I shed a tear.

I'm still watching lots of tv but don't have much to say about any of it. Oh, I didn't care for the 30 Rock live episode but then I never expected to. I didn't see the point of it and it simply wasn't as funny as the show usually is. Points for effort though.

I have to finish an essay this weekend. The question is: 'To what extent do we identify with the protagonist’s point of view and how does this relate to issues around representation? Discuss in relation to two scenes from contrasting films of your choice.' My focus is on the representation of motherhood in the films The Devil Wears Prada and Kill Bill Volume 1.

I plan on doing no work at all today. I can't believe it's only 10am. Tonight I shall go home, put on my pyjamas, eat junk food, watch tv, and fall asleep early hopefully dreaming about naked Patrick Jane.
Tags: real life, tv: 30 rock, tv: the mentalist, uni
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