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Oh no I didn't.

I did something incredibly embarrassingly earlier today.

One of the professors I work for (my favourite because he's a lovely, charming and very attractive guy in his late fifties - totally a silver fox) called me when he was in a meeting and goes,

"Do you have any photos of me?" then jokingly, "You know, on your bedroom wall."

And without thinking, it just came out, I replied, "On my ceiling, Jon*."

Which made him elicit a rather high pitched squeak of a giggle and then we carried on with the conversation in a more professional manner and inside I'm thinking WHY DID I SAY THAT. OH GOD WHY THE FUCK DID I SAY THAT. I JUST ACCIDENTALLY TOLD MY SEXY PROFESSOR THAT I MASTURBATE TO A PHOTO OF HIM. I MEAN REALLY THERE IS LITERALLY NO OTHER WAY YOU CAN INTERPRET THAT JOKE.

*Not his real name
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