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The X Factor...

I'm watching it right now for basically the first time this season and Treyc was the wild card? Because she's very good and I predict much better than the other three in her group.


I am right so far. Cher is overrated (also the one using autotune in her first audition that I happened to catch a while back). I think she could have impressed me had she sung "It's a Hard Knock Life" (a great song from Annie) properly instead of ruining it by not going high on the "we get tricked/we get kicked" bits. Jay-Z understood the necessity of this which is why he sampled the original version from the 1982 movie. But Cher modified that bit. To make it ~*~her own~*~.


I also found her rapping quite embarrassing and her singing just okay. She's one for the kids I expect (like the adorable but average One Direction) because I can't take her seriously.

John and Paije are good singers but don't have much else going for them.

Diva Fever - lol no.

Katie is the one everyone hates, yes? How come? She's doing a respectable job with "I'd Rather Go Blind", an epic song (and my favourite song choice of the night). I like her! I prefer her to Cher and I find her about as good as Rebecca.

There's something about Aiden I like.

Wagner is emblematic of what I hate about these shows. I don't get the joke. I don't get what's funny about watching a weird looking guy do a below average performance. He's not good so why is he on the show?

Agreed with Dannii that the styling for Belle Amie was horrendous. I hated every outfit and they clashed with each other. If I know the X Factor, and I think I do, they won't last long.

Wow okay, Mary is awesome. I totes judged her before I heard her and figured she was another Susan Boyle (*barf*) but what a voice! She's not normally the kind of singer I go nuts for but she's a powerhouse. That Irish charm doesn't hurt her either.

Simon is seriously misusing the word "genius" this season.
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