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Title: A New Development
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Michael Rosenbaum/Tom Welling
Acknowledgements: Thank you to the beautiful estrella30 for her awesome beta skillz. She's so good at kicking my ass when I'm being lazy.
Notes: This is for a bunch of my flist who requested RPS in this thread . I love you guys.
Summary: Drunken sex.
Feedback: Is all kinds of good

A New Development, by Kate

Michael blinks, amused as hell. Tom is so drunk. He's giggling like an idiot and tossing peanuts into the air, trying to catch them in his mouth, but they're going everywhere except his mouth. All over the couch in fact, and every time he misses he laughs harder.

Michael might be a little more bothered about the mess Tom is making of his trailer, but he's feeling pretty damn drunk himself, and Tom is so infectious when he's like this. Besides, they deserve to have some fun. That was the worst shoot in the history of Smallville.

Freezing cold day, outside for most of it, same (fucking stupid) scene over and over again and it still sucked when they wrapped as far as Michael is concerned. He jiggles his whole body in an attempt to exorcise the day from his memory. Looks over at Tom and cracks up at the sight of him: twisted into the strangest pose, half lying down now, peanuts in his hair and salt glistening on his face.

"Hey Mikey! Catch!"

Oh fuck. Now Tom's throwing peanuts at him and the fact that one goes in his mouth makes Michael so deliriously happy that he jumps up off his chair and starts dancing.

It's his victory dance and Tom's seen it many times before.

"I am the man!"

Swiveling his hips and enjoying showing off and enjoying even more making Tom hysterical and Tom keeps throwing peanuts at him. So now Michael’s trying to dodge the peanuts, using slick moves and fancy footwork and maybe not really succeeding all that well. Of course, they've been drinking like fish all night long and, whoa, fuck!

He's falling over.

Onto the couch next to Tom. On top of Tom really, who sounds like he can no longer even *breathe* because of all the laughter.

And now they're wrestling.

No technique whatsoever, just a lot of struggling against each other. Tom's got his arms wrapped around Michael's arms, hands clutching him, and Michael is trying to push him off and it's not happening and then they both fall off the couch and onto the floor. Tom's breath hot against his neck, and this might be the best time to try to get the better of Tom but Tom's bigger and stronger and the way their legs are entwined make it impossible to move.

Michael's under Tom and Tom's got him pinned, big hands holding his wrists rigid. His face right up near Michael's, breath like peanuts and beer and something sweet too.

"Do you surrender?" Tom asks, although what game they're playing is a mystery to Michael.

"I don't think so," Michael replies, but he doesn't sound sure, even to himself. "Maybe."

"I think you do surrender," says Tom, sounding pleased but not moving at all. "Which means I win." Tom's voice is soft and low and he's looking at Michael's mouth.

Michael wants to get more comfortable, but at the same time he's quite liking how warm it is with Tom on top of him, and he's quite liking the way Tom smells. He’s just quite liking Tom a lot right now.

Pretty Tom, who's funny too. And sweet.

And sexy.

Wait a minute. He must be drunk because he doesn't think Tom is sexy, no way. Tom is his friend, they're totally just friends, and holy fuck, does he have an erection?

Michael's drunk, yeah, he is. He's not gonna pretend otherwise, but he's not so drunk that he doesn't know when he has an erection. And he's not so drunk that he doesn't know when he wants to have sex, and yep, he definitely wants to have sex right now. With Tom.


That's a new development.

"What do you win?" Michael asks with a slow blink and he clutches Tom's arm. No need for it really, but he feels like touching and he knows Tom won't mind.

Tom looks at him thoughtfully. "I don't know yet. Let me think about it."

Michael grins. "Take your time." And then he shifts his body a little, and his cock grazes Tom's thigh. It's through a few layers of material, yes, but Michael feels it and he hisses a little.

Tom doesn't say anything at all or do anything. At first. Then he presses down on Michael's cock and moves around a little, God, deliberately rubbing him there.

It feels really good. "Ah-"

The look of concentration on Tom's face is… well, hot is the only word Michael can think of right now. Come to think of it, Michael's pretty hot too. It might be nice to take some of these clothes off.

Tom is leaning his face closer, a whole lot closer and Michael's eyes droop a little and God, Tom has a pretty mouth. Kissable.

Kiss Tom. He pushes up off the floor and their lips collide in a messy and what might be humorous fashion if it weren't so sexy. Mouths open, tongues crashing against each other's and suddenly it's all a bit desperate and Michael is spreading his legs so Tom can fit his body in between them.

And there's Tom's cock, hard too, rock hard. He's so into this, which is…

Which is great. Tom's rocking against him, and the friction against Michael's cock is making him crazy.

Tom tastes so good. His mouth is just made for this, for kissing and sucking and licking and--

Michael licks Tom's face, his cheek and then he nips a little, along the length of his jaw and Tom's moaning is awesome encouragement. Sucks Tom's ear into his mouth and bites the lobe. Holds on and Tom likes that because he's thrusting pretty wildly against him now.

"That's good. Oh fuck, that's really good. Harder-" Tom gasps out.

Michael pushes Tom off him a little, and Tom sits up on his knees. Christ he's gorgeous. "Take off your shirt," Michael says through gritted teeth.

Tom smiles and obliges him, then tilts his head and says teasingly, "You like what you see?"

Michael laughs and leaps on him.

Mouth on Tom's neck, scraping his teeth. Biting him. His shoulder and bicep and then his chest, all over, God, all over him.

"Oh fuck," Tom croaks out.

Tom's trying to get Michael's shirt off but he seems to keep forgetting what he's doing and they kiss instead. The smell of them is heady and horny and is taking over Michael's senses.

"Mike, I wanna see your cock. I wanna touch it. I want you to come all over me-"

Jesus. Seeing, hearing Tom like this is almost enough to make him come right there, but he sucks in a quick breath and grins instead.

"No problem," he says, and they both laugh and start attacking his fly together.

"Come on. Hurry-" Tom's voice is so low and rough and okay, maybe Michael has spent a small amount of time wondering what this would be like.

Gets his jeans open, boxers pushed down and Tom's hand is on him in an instant. Wrapped around him and jerking him off with vicious, perfect strokes. Staring down at Michael's cock, mouth open, eyes glazed, and Michael has to look too, just to see what Tom's so turned on by.

Michael's thrusting hips, fucking his cock into Tom's fist, oh God, he's gonna come soon, he really is.

"Fuck that's good, Tommy. So good-"

Tom plants his face into Michael's neck, sucks there hard, and his teeth dig in painfully, wonderfully.

Michael puts an arm around him and digs nails into Tom's back, scraping them down, scratching hard, leaving marks. He wants to leave evidence. Tom moans loudly into Michael's neck and suddenly stops jerking Michael’s cock, so he can urgently deal with his own fly.

It gives Michael a second to regain control and he helps by pushing down Tom's boxers and then they both grab the other's cock in their hands-

Michael knows Tom's nearly there by the way he's sweating and panting and the look on his face is pure sex.

"Oh God, oh fuck, ah-"

Tom's coming hard and his eyes are squeezed shut and he's spurting come all over Michael's hand and it's spattering all over his shirt which they never managed to remove. After he’s done Tom collapses back onto the floor and Michael grabs his own cock, straddles Tom and jerks himself to orgasm in a matter of seconds. Spilling his come all over Tom's chest, groaning while he does it.

Fuck. He's finished and he collapses on top of Tom, burying his face into Tom's chest, his mouth catching some of his own come.

They're both breathing hard and Michael can't even speak.

After a few minutes he hears Tom laughing. Looks up at him enquiringly.

"Well that was new," Tom says grinning and looking pleased as punch.

He grins back.

"Yeah. That was new."

Michael wonders what to do now, but thankfully Tom takes charge of the situation and leans down to kiss him. Slowly and thoroughly.

"We should do that again some time," he whispers into Michael's mouth.

Michael smiles.


The end.

Tags: fic, rps
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