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House, 30 Rock, Community, Modern Family and The Mentalist

House, 6.21: Help Me

Oh dear God the S6 House finale. I cried! Like a leetle bebe. Hugh Laurie's performance was just amazing - I love how cleverly he conveys House's repressed emotions, showing us how vulnerable he is behind the hard shell of his douchey outward persona. This show is brilliant at tugging on the ol' heart strings isn't it. First with his response to the (extremely upsetting) death of his patient. Then with the look in his eyes when Cuddy came for him at the end. My ship! It came in. I can't believe it. I was happily unspoiled for that and I'm still hugging myself with glee. Plz continue not to spoil me but I really hope with all my heart that they explore this relationship in season 7. It would be tiresome if they tried to keep them apart any longer out of fear that the spark between them will die. Good writing is all that's needed: relationships don't have to be boring, do you hear me gods of television? A relationship between House and Cuddy could be AWESOME ON A STICK. Ugh, I hate that I can't just watch S7 on my own but it's this thing Kirsty and I do together and I do enjoy watching a show with someone don't get me wrong I just don't like not knowing what you all know because it makes me feel like I'm late to a really good party and when I arrive everyone's left and has moved on to a different party and I'm at the old party and only me and Kirsty are there and we're totally having fun and everything but we're also missing out on the party that everyone else is at. Know what I mean?

30 Rock, 5.02: When It Rains, It Pours

That was absolutely the most hilarious episode of 30 Rock we've had in what feels like forever. It reminded me why this was my favourite show in its first few seasons.

Jack's video to his son is the kind of material this show excels at and the perfect vehicle for Alec's genius as a comedian: that was ridiculous, crazy, marvellously deadpan, raspy-voiced Baldwin gold. "The secret to a strong, healthy head of hair is dove... blood."

Liz was adorable and funny throughout - even the typical gross-Lemon humour bit about the facial hair at the end was wonderfully charming and funny because of the joyful shamelessness Tina injected into her performance.

And let us not forget Tracey's taxi ride which I adored from start to finish, especially the finish when he couldn't get out of the cab.

Finally, always a delight to see Dr Spaceman, and, as usual, every word out of his mouth was fabulously quotable.

Angie: "I'm gonna kill that man."
Dr Spaceman: "You just described my morning."

Well played, show. ♥

Community, 2.02: Accounting for Lawyers

I loved this episode a lot. The chloroform plan killed me. And Troy with the crying and the staring at Annie's boobs (not related), and the line about Jeff and the lawyer douche being called litter bugs because of all the trash they put back on the street, and Chang popping and locking (LET HIM IN THE GROUP YOU BASTARDS), and Drew Carey's holey hand, and Jeff learning that spending time with people who care about him is way more rad than hanging with lawyers. It was all very pleasing I must say.

Modern Family, 2.02: The Kiss

LOL @ "And yes I went there." "You can't say 'yes I went there' when you go there all the time." Also

The Mentalist, 3.02: Cackle-Bladder Blood

So much juicy character development plus Simon Baker being both amusing (the fake death) and heartbreaking (all the stuff with Danny). I love his face. Great episode.

And now, The Vampire Diaries! (Or sleep. I may just go to sleep.)
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