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TV roundup

Thank you patrese1 for the virtual bday gift!

I'm in bed with the flu at the moment which is as good a time as any to write about tv, yes? Yes!

Boardwalk Empire

This is one of those shows that I objectively find good but also, dare I say it, boring as hell. The acting and the writing and the cinematography are great but I don't like any of the characters yet and I keep turning it off and taking breaks from it. The crime focus is probably my main issue with it - I think I'd rather see a more human, relatable (less male-centric) drama than another show where we're expected to like and sympathise with gangsters and criminals. Probably my favourite thing about it so far is Michael Pitt, who I have always liked so I'm pleased to see him in such a high profile, quality gig. Will I keep watching? Well, I'm a third of the way through the second episode (I started watching it yesterday) and I'm not particularly excited about seeing the rest of it, so I guess I'll decide once I have.

Bored to Death, 2.01: Escape from the Dungeon!

Oh Jason Shwartzman you kill me. Alan Sepinwall reckons he's the weak link in the show but I couldn't disagree more - his performance is not as flashy as Ted Danson's or Zach Galifianakis's, but that's what I love about it. He's so weird and gentle and chatty and he drinks white wine. I love the off-beat humour of BtD, and how it's unlike any other comedy I watch. Okay, it's not what I'd call groundbreaking (like, say, Louie is) but it makes me happy and that's all one can hope for in a tv show, right?

Hawaii Five-0

Not for me. I love Scott Caan but I do not like Alex O'Loughlin, who is very handsome but so bland he makes me sleepy. And while I can see that the show is fun for lots of people I actually found it dull as mud.

The Mentalist, 3.01: Red Sky at Night

Jaaaaaane. ♥

"My memory is a mighty fortress, Lisbon, from which no fact ever escapes once committed. Now when you tell me boring things I set em free immediately. Saves overcrowding."

Could he be more wonderful? I THINK NOT.

I can't believe Hightower wouldn't give him time off after what happened. I get that he's the department's greatest asset but he's still a (very damaged) human being who's on the cusp of cracking up. Man needs a holiday, dammit.

I love that Lisbon called Patrick family, because they're totally a family. Cho's the only one with a significant other (I assume he's still with Elise) but other than her all he's got is the team. And all the team have are each other. And no matter how difficult Jane is (and he is VERY difficult) they all love him dearly.

Argh I love this show so much - it's got heart and it's funny and intelligent and sad and sexy. It's taken over from House as my favourite procedural (although I am enjoying House still - Kirsty and I have one episode to go in S6, then hopefully we'll be able to stay a bit more up-to-date with the current season).

Smallville, 10.01: Lazarus

- Tom Welling looked incredibly hot. Especially in black with those sexy little curls in his hair.


- Loved the Clark/Lois interaction although I don't quite understand why Clark's still (very unconvincingly) lying about who he is to her when he totally TOLD her (by way of the kiss) that he's the Blur. Obviously there's nothing he can say that will convince Lois otherwise so it is super cute that he's barely even trying but I hope they're going to be able to talk openly about it soon.

- I couldn't care less about Chloe or Ollie so their scenes were a waste of time imo.

- The Lex stuff didn't do much for me - it just made me hope that MR does actually come back for an episode this season.

- Unlike the rest of you I'm afraid I'm not very interested in Tess anymore. I really disliked the direction the show took her character last season so it's going to take a miracle for me to get on board the Tess train again. Her playing mom to a creepy baby Lex clone is not that miracle; mostly because I have little patience with child actors (unless they're in scenes with TW).

- I'd probably have enjoyed the Clark/Jonathan scene more if I could stomach John Schneider, but I hate that guy. Always have, always will.

- Jor-el is an absolute c word.

- Clark, OTOH, is my hero. ♥

I liked 30 Rock and Community but don't have much to say about them. Best moment ever though: Jack the "Daddy Bear" flirting with the interior designer. LOLOLOL. That pretty much made up for everything he did wrong last season. <3<3<3 Also am quite liking HIMYM and I found episode 3 of Sons of Anarchy more enjoyable because it wasn't as violent. Am delighted that Always Sunny has returned and is as ridic as ever, and so far Weeds is pleasing me enormously because it's basically the Nancy and Andy show and those two together are my main reason for watching, plus poor Silas and psycho Shane are hilarious this season. I've already forgotten what happened in Bones but I remember quite enjoying it.
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