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Lone Star, 1.01: Pilot

It's a no from me.

While I think James Wolk is gorgeous and perfectly cast I don't care about the story. It's no fun watching a brilliant con man who hates what he does and his attempts to go legit are obviously going to be unsuccessful because then there would be no show. So I presume each episode will show us Bob juggling his two lives, battling with his father, nearly but not quite getting discovered, and ultimately not being able to quit conning people because it's all he knows how to do. I'm already bored just thinking about it.

Another problem with the premise is that I'm not invested in either of his relationships and we have to be for it to work. If we had been introduced to Bob before he fell in love and if we could see the way love changed him from being content with grifting to realising that he had nothing real in his life - you know, being *shown* how he has changed rather than being told about it - I might care more about seeing him escape. I also find that I can't feel sympathy for a man who thinks it's okay to have two wives, know what I mean?
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