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We are cultured ladies.

For a birthday present Hilary got me a ticket to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake last night! That's the one where the swans are all male and the prince is gay. It was AMAAAAAAAZING. Hilary, who had seen it before, goes to me as we take our seats, "If you don't develop a feather fetish after this there's something wrong with you." And I did! Because Jonathan Ollivier looks fabulous in feathers (and in leather pants, as it happens).

Work is insane right now, hence my lack of presence on LJ.

I am trying to read Robinson Crusoe at the moment because it's one of the enlightenment texts but it is boring and I hate it.

I can't decide if I want to keep watching Sons of Anarchy. It seems to be more violent now than ever and I find it sickening, especially because Jax is the one dishing it out and he used to be the voice of reason. Tara doesn't seem to mind and Hale is dead, so. Who the hell am I supposed to relate to now?

I'll stick around for a few more episodes, if only for Gemma and Tara, but if it continues to make me go D: I will have to consider cutting it.
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