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A post about television!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and cards etc, LaT, Nora, Boppy, Genee, Talitha, Kate, Ender, Muni, Roxy, Tyrical and Cris! ♥ Did I forget anyone? If so I'm sorry and thank you! I had a lovely day pampering myself and a very fun night out with friends. Dearest Mary, I hope the bus journey home wasn't too traumatic. :D

And now It's time to talk about TV.

Covert Affairs

Still really enjoying this.


This show gets a lot of flack and I can certainly see why people hate it, but I find it easy, watchable fun, as well as a fascinating peek behind the curtain of the male psyche. Finally this season Ari is being punished for his horrendous behaviour, although this show has a track record of hitting the reset button at the end of every season so of course Ari will come out on top in the end. Whatever, I still can't help enjoying Piven's line delivery, even when he's saying things that ought to enrage me.


Hated it so much I couldn't get through the episode. Will absolutely never be watching this again unless it turns into a completely different show.


I know no one watches this show but I find it very amusing, and it's always worth it for Tanya the pimp.

The Mentalist

I'm so in love with Simon Baker's Patrick Jane this is the show I'm most excited about returning. I cannot get enough of him. I'm even rewatching episodes to get my fix which is very unlike me. It's not like I don't have a metric buttload of course reading to do before class starts again in October or anything. Who on my flist watches it? This scene made me squeal like a little girl, because I'm a messy woman (and of course Patrick is always right):


Do you think he knows that from experience? I'd like to think so. If you've never seen the show and you'd like to try a random episode I'd highly recommend the one that clip is from, "Crimson Casanova", because one of the suspects is a pickup artist -- and if you've ever read The Game (a very interesting book about extraordinarily pathetic men) you'll appreciate his character -- and because the inimitable Cho is as smooth with the ladies as he is in the interrogation room. *hearts forever*

Ooh, also, sorrelchestnut, I don't know if you crave good recaps/episode reviews as much as I do (I like to read about film/tv almost as much as I like to watch it), but _pensive's reviews on the CBS Mentalist forum are brilliant.



I liked the pilot but it didn't blow me away. I'll definitely watch the next episode but I do feel I have too many shows on my plate right now so if the second ep doesn't hook me I won't be picking this up.

Pretty Little Liars

Okay I watched the whole first season and really enjoyed it for the most part (except for the student/teacher romance plot which, as you know, made me CRAZY WITH RAGE).

Sons of Anarchy

I found the first episode of season 3 a bit too grisly and violent to enjoy much, and I don't care for the kidnapped baby storyline, but the acting continues to impress.

The X Factor

I"m not watching it this year apparently (although there's still time) - I missed the first four episodes because I forgot they were on and watched other things instead. However when penumbra stayed over last Sunday we caught half an episode: there was one good singer on but yes, the rumours are true, they're using autotune now. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it until I heard it but it bothered me a lot. It's not as if the show was ever genuinely authentic but that's a level of cynicism I can't get behind. So I'm taking the X Factor off the show list in my user info. Goodbye Simon Cowell. I shall miss you and Cheryl and Dannii's clothes more than the singing I suspect.

The Vampire Diaries, 2.01: The Return

WELCOME BACK SHOW. Wow. Nina Dobrev rocked my world and oh poor, poor Damon. WHY DOES NO ONE LOVE HIM. If I'd been in his shoes I would have killed Jeremey as well. I was so up for Jeremy turning into a vampire because it might have made him less emo, but no he remains pathetic. Still, I like that the show has decided to turn a main character and I'm looking forward to meeting vamp!Caroline.

I'm dying for Elena to admit she wants to have sex with Damon. I mean, she does right? He's evil and impulsive, sure, but he's also super, super hot and very good in bed. I'm willing to believe she'll never love him (poor, poor Damon) but I'll never believe she's not attracted to him.

I totally ship Katherine/Stefan btw. I would LOVE it if Katherine managed to seduce Stefan and this show often surprises me so I wouldn't be willing to bet that it won't happen. And then Elena can be so hurt and angry with Stefan she'll turn to her enemy for comfort and Kate will get her wish for not one but two deeply fucked up but very sexy canon ships.

Most hilarious turn of events: Katherine's attraction to Matt.

What happened to Alaric?
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