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True Blood, 3.11: Fresh Blood

I did nothing over bank holiday weekend except take a quick trip down the road to the edge of Notting Hill Carnival to get myself some jerk chicken, and watch television. Mostly The Mentalist because Simon Baker is sexy.

I love him because he is good-looking, a genius and an asshole. He's a triple threat!

With regards to Holly and Arlene, is anyone else getting Rosemary's Baby type vibes? Holly seems to know a lot more about Arlene's pregnancy than is normal, she's performing satanic-type rituals and feeding Arlene disgusting tasting tea, telling her exactly how much to drink and when, and then, despite what looked like a gruesome miscarriage, both baby and mother are FINE. I smell an evil witch.
Tags: tv: the mentalist, tv: true blood
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