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My new obsession: The Mentalist

Louie is my favourite. If you haven't tried it, please do!

I couldn't get into Psych. I like Gus and Shawn a lot but the tone of the show is just not my bag.

The Mentalist, however, I can't stop watching. I love it. The main thing I disliked about it early on - Lisbon always being wrong - they corrected pretty quickly. I guess the writers realised it didn't make sense, given that she'd worked with Jane for five years and the guy's like, always right, so having her be his foil just made her look like an incompetent idiot. I'm now 17 episodes in and Robin Tunney has finally grown on me. I can't see myself ever loving her - I loathed her in Prison Break - but Lisbon is a pretty cool character.

Mainly I cannot get enough of Simon Baker. I've never liked Baker in anything before but he's fucking awesome as Patrick Jane, and the more episodes I watch the sexier I find him. I actually dreamt about him last night, that's how much I want to bang him. He's so pretty and he has the greatest smile. Also, Cho. I could watch Cho interrogating suspects and picking up women all day long.

I'm not very interested in seeing the show develop a Lisbon/Jane dynamic but I would like to see Jane get some action. I'm under the impression he hasn't been with a woman since his wife died? That is SAD. He is way too hot not to be having sex.

One complaint: Dear gods of television, please stop torturing heroes by killing off their wives/girlfriends/daughters. Find a new theme.
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