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One thing I'll say in favour of that piece of shit movie Inception is that finally the world has realised how amazing Joseph Gordon Levitt is. I've been trying to explain that to you people for YEARS. Now all we need is for him to make a (decent) film with James McAvoy and my life will be complete.

I'm feeling somewhat indifferent to Mad Men these days. I'm not sure if that's because it's not as good as it once was or if I've just become a bit bored with its style of storytelling/Don's manpain. I just can't seem to connect with this season, and when I compare it to other top drama on television, particularly Breaking Bad's riveting, devastating third season, it isn't favourable. Take the last episode: Anna Draper is presented to us as the best and nicest woman Don has ever known, her most saintly character trait being her absolute refusal (or inability) to judge Don, or call him on his bullshit. Some might call that unconditional love, I call it fucking creepy. Their relationship is purely platonic, which makes me wonder whether the writers are insidiously (or even accidentally) equating female asexuality with virtue. Because although she was married once she has never shown any sexual interest in Don (or in anyone else that we know of), and in Weiner's world that makes her either frigid, gay, in denial, or just so damn saintly she doesn't even have a vagina.
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