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I've put my neck out so I'm at home on the couch, feeling bored and vaguely horny.

So I really want to read some porn and I'm hoping you lot can help me out with recs? These are my requirements:

1. Short is preferred, although I'll read a long fic if it's mostly porn. I am not interested in anything too plotty.
2. Well written. I know how subjective that can be for many people but I am probably fussier than you so rec me only the very best.
3. Sexual tension. Oodles of it. I like stories that don't jump straight into the sex (although I don't want to have to wait too long for it either). I love stories where one of the characters is sexually repressed and/or in denial about their attraction to the other. I LOVE a reluctant participant, who is difficult to seduce, or who may be initially unwilling to take part, but who enjoys it in the end - dubious consent is a massive kink of mine.
4. First time stories. Honestly if the couple are already in a relationship I will hit the back button faster than you can say 'stop being so close-minded, Kate!'
5. I'm open to trying fandoms I don't normally read in but I'd definitely welcome Harry Potter and DC recs. I've probably read it if it's Clex but would also welcome being reminded of your favourite SV fics. I won't read SPN or SGA fic but if you want to rec them here for other people that's cool with me.
6. Incest is not my bag unless it's creepy and abusive. There is nothing I loathe more in the world than fluffy incest fic.

Basically just rec me the hottest stories you can think of (even if they don't fulfill any/all of my requirements) and I'll love you forever. :)
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