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Covert Affairs, 1.04: No Quarter

I'm into this show, I really am. Way more than I was ever into White Collar even though they're probably on a par with each other quality-wise. Piper Perabo (who I have never liked in anything previously) is the main reason for this: as well as being gorgeous and convincing, she is one of those rare actors who has great chemistry with almost everyone she plays opposite. I ship Annie/Auggie sure, but man, I loved every single second of Annie's interaction with Eyal. They so clearly wanted to fuck each other and I'm almost as sad that they didn't get to as I am happy that he turned out to be a good guy. Nice casting there.

Auggie is totally gorgeous. Annie described him as cute and dependable, which isn't very sexy, but yet, at the same time, the way she talks to him is outrageously flirtatious. She just looked so happy when she was on the phone to him. ACK I LOVE HER. I love how present and talented and green she is. She's a pleasure to spend time with and that's a real asset; it's not that I don't love a tortured hero but it's incredibly refreshing to be in the company of a protagonist who enjoys life, work, love, friendship and sex.

My main gripe with the show so far is that I fucking hate Joan and Arthur. They bore me as a couple and I don't feel like either of them are characters in their own right: Arthur is Peter Gallagher and he'll never be anything other than Peter Gallagher. That man needs to retire already because I'm sick of him. Joan, otoh, could be cool but she's a badly written character. It was a fatal mistake introducing her as a jealous wife who blithely used the company to expose her husband's imaginary infidelity. That's the kind of story you can only get away with if you've already established her as being awesome so the audience is sympathetic to her and therefore understanding of and complicit in her abuse of power. It should not have been the first thing we find out about her (and therefore her defining trait) because a) we don't yet care about her or her issues and b) it's a fucking horribly sexist and shitty piece of storytelling. And because of that I hate them both and I would be happy to skip their annoying, pointless, boring scenes altogether and get back to the Annie/Auggie goodness.
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