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I really want you to taste my biscuits.

We've got a new temp in the office who talks too much. Today is only her second day and I already want to gag her. She's one of those people who says something that is, I presume, supposed to be funny, then when I don't laugh she goes, "Don't mind me, that's just my dry sense of humour."


I liked Mad Men this week. Don's meltdown is delicious to watch; he's been so suave for so long it's refreshing and fun to see him being pathetic and skeevy, although I will never in a million years understand why poor Allison succumbed to his clumsy, drunken come-on. I guess she's been harbouring a secret crush on him for a while because he's Don Draper and no woman can (usually) resist him. (Who wants to bet that, at a later date, he beds either one or both the women who rejected him in "Christmas Comes But Once a Year"?) What an asshole. I've never hated him more. And I mean that as a compliment to the writers of the show because even though I think he's the worst he's still a compelling character (and Hamm's performance was very good this week I thought: suitably shameless).

Joan can host one of my parties any time she wants.




I discovered, and read all of, a (quite) funny, (very) pornographic webcomic called Oglaf on Sunday. Here is one of the few that is actually safe for work: Fountain of Doubt


I've seen a bunch of films:

District 9

I thought this was pretty excellent. Much better than Avatar although also quite racist in that way where the film-maker thinks he's making a social justice film but is ironically unaware of all the ways in which he's failing. Apart from that though it's hugely entertaining, clever and original.

Dear John

I didn't enjoy this much but Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried are always a pleasure to watch, even in cheesy, weepy melodramas.

Ghost World

Oh my God how have I not seen this until now? Loved it. Five stars. Very funny, intelligent and affecting. The last film I saw Thora Birch in was 2001's The Hole, which sucked so much it made me think she was a terrible actress. But she's not!

The Bounty Hunter

I kind of hate Gerard Butler, especially in comedies because the guy is both charmless and unfunny, so why I keep watching his romantic comedies is beyond me. (Thinking on it the only film of his I've liked him in is Dear Frankie.) The Bounty Hunter is like... the most unromantic film ever. Why is it so goddamn difficult for film makers to deliver good romance? I live for that shit and it's so hard to find.

Julie and Julia

I don't always love Meryl Streep (Mama Mia made me want to punch her in the face, although to be fair, Mama Mia made me want to punch the entire world in the face) but she is fantastic in this.


Is it terribly uncool of me to love this Sean Kingston/Justin Bieber song? I have no idea how Justin is able to recognise the type of woman who likes to 'love em and leave em' but I don't care when it's this catchy.
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