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True Blood, 3.06: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Holy ultraviolence, Batman.

Just please tell me Franklin isn't really dead, that's all I ask. Never did I imagine that a parody of domestic violence could be so enjoyable, but James Frain is such a riot and just so hilariously insane, that it's never once made me feel uncomfortable. That's the beauty of True Blood really: no matter how offensive it gets it's practically impossible to be offended (unless you're a sensitive flower of course and don't enjoy things like watching a person's skull being caved in with a morning star).

Speaking of gross, poor Bill. I'm not his biggest fan but I like him better than I like bloody torture scenes and I'm hoping next week will open with Sookie killing Lorena with a blue lightening bolt then patching up Bill's gaping wounds. Yech.

Jason's story is boring the shit out of me. Sam's is marginally better but not by much, although I like his brother. Jessica is always a pleasure to watch but she needs something to do other than interact with Arlene, who is the worst.

Eric's story is the most interesting and I'm not just saying that because he's hot. Basically any scene/storyline that involves Russell is a winner. He's an even better big bad than Maryann and I loved Maryann! I really appreciate that TB keeps giving us villains who are smart, capable and, perhaps most importantly, having a real good time.

Now please give us some Sookie/Eric sexytimes and my life will be complete!
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