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Mad Men, 4.01: Public Relations

Firstly though, does anyone in the world know what the hell Gaga's Alejandro is about?

I didn't care for this episode at all. I'm appalled by the characterisation of Betty as nightmare wife and mother from hell and by the apparent expectation for me to sympathise with her dickwad husband and, I guess, Don. Of all people. Because the poor fucking asshole men in Betty's life are really just victims of the much worse harridan that is Betty's psychotic trophy wife. The lesson, boys, presumably being: don't marry someone just because you really want to bang them - YOU'LL REGRET IT. I just don't get why Weiner has decided to make Betty so (much more) unsympathetic. Is it an attempt to make Don look like less of a scumbag? Because if that's his aim it's not working. Perhaps Weiner's trying to illustrate that the two of them are like two rotten peas in a pod and that, ironically, they're actually perfect for each other. To be fair I'm quite sure Betty wouldn't have a problem punching Don repeatedly in the face while she fucks him.

Speaking of... oh God that "revelation" embarrassed me so hard. How breathtakingly tame and cringe-worthy. So Don hates himself and pays hookers to slap him gently across the face during coitus? Well duh. That piece of characterisation does not impress me with its complexity or intelligence. It just makes me think Weiner is trying (and failing) to be kinky and titillating. At least have her tie him up, whip him till he bleeds and fuck him in the ass with a giant strap-on. Come on, Weiner, use your imagination!

Further, I intensely disliked the date scene because the actress playing Bethany was about as attractive and charming as Pete Campbell. And so Don hitting on her and being all ~captivated~ by her just made him seem pathetic and desperate, and the fact that he couldn't even seal the deal? LOL. Of course she's already in love with him because he's Don Draper Pussy Magnet, but why oh why would he want to date this woman? She's silly and dull and didn't Don just escape from a marriage to someone very similar? Which I guess is the point except that Don never seemed very interested in or attracted to Betty, and all the affairs he had were with women very, very different from her. I just don't buy that he would want to replace Betty with another Betty.

As for the rest of the plot I don't have any big complaints but it didn't particularly excite me. The New Peggy is pretty cool, and just to make this season more fun for myself I might start shipping her and Don with each other. It's on the cards right? Maybe? The real people they're based on married each other after all.
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