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I need Auggie/Annie icon and porn plz

IMPORTANT QUESTION: if I cooked a delicious pasta sauce last night that has cooked seafood in it (crayfish, mussels and prawns) will it be okay in the fridge till Saturday, or should I put it in the freezer?

Covert Affairs, 1.02: Walter's Walk (non spoilery porn talk)

I'm not in love with this show but there are two things about it I really like: Annie and Auggie. So obviously their fight "training" session worked for me. And when I say worked for me I mean it turned me on. And when I say turned me on I mean I want to read fic. Where they do that exact same scene again but at the end of it they are so overcome with lust they go into a supply closet and have rough, urgent sex. Afterwards they'll be really freaked out because they're supposed to be friends and so they'll write it off as being just down to adrenalin and hormones or whatever, but then they'll find themselves randomly lusting after each other and "accidently" touching each other inappropriately whilst at work, and then succumbing to their desires at odd, inconvenient times. I envision lots of sex in public for these two. And Auggie's like, really good at it because being blind means all his other senses are heightened so he's a genius when it comes to sensing how much Annie's enjoying herself. Because he can feel it in his hands and he can hear it and he can smell it and he can taste it and oh dear god. It needs to happen. I've forgotten how to write fic so someone else should do this for me. Thanks!
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