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Good films, great TV

I watched Cherrybomb - Rupert Grint's indie movie follow up to the Harry Potter films - last night and I was impressed. I don't give a fuck about Harry Potter but I am curious about how well the young stars will fare in the wake of the franchise, and as Sight and Sound had given the film a good write up I was keen to check it out. What surprised me most was how much I loved Grint. He is very, very good (and his Northern Irish accent convincing), and he has an absolutely wonderful face as well as the potential to be sexy as hell. Yes that's right. If you're a fan of Grint it may interest you to know ::spoiler alert:: that he gets blown in this film. And for those of you who care about this sort of thing it is also ridiculously slashy.

Speaking of gay films, I Love You Phillip Morris is worth checking out. I won't be getting over the crazily potent sexual chemistry between Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey any time soon. I know right. What.

I've picked up my first new show of the year: Louie. Totally amazingly funny and painful and wonderful. To give you an idea of how damn good this show is, check out (part of) the brilliant opening scene of episode two, where Louie and a bunch of his comedian pals are playing poker together. It starts with them all ribbing each other and having a laugh and then seamlessly turns into a startling and moving explanation about the etymology of the word 'faggot'. What makes this scene special is that it doesn't for a moment feel out of place or preachy, it just feels honest and natural:

Before you say faggot, know what it means
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