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This is the happiest I've felt in six weeks. I passed all three of my classes!

I got firsts for both of my Humanities classes. (Maybe shagging the teacher was a good idea after all? Just kidding!) For the hardest class - The Production of the Human - the assessed essay (my Freud/Descartes dreams essay) was worth 50% of the final grade and the exam was worth the other 50%. Matt marked that essay and I have no idea what he gave me because the second marker's comments and marks were pasted and photocopied over his, and she gave me 71. HOWEVER. My final mark was 73, which means the exam board person thought it was better than my professor did! Hah! I really want to know what Matt gave me though - I should be able to find out right?

Sadly, for my Intro to Cinema class I got a 69, which is one mark off being a first. That's because I didn't do very well in my first essay (I got 54% which made me cry at the time, but it was a totally fair mark because I didn't remotely answer the question. It was an excellent learning experience though). So even though I got 80% on my last two essays it still didn't quite make up for that C. WOE.

Still! I am absolutely delighted with myself. One year down, three to go!
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