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It's my anniversary!

As of today I have been in the UK for exactly twelve years. Whoa.

We have a baby staying with us at the moment. She's not quite two yet and she's pretty cool because she's super friendly and appears to like me. But Charlie? Is TERRIFIED of her. Like, he's truly disturbed by her presence in the house and when he's not bolting away from her as fast as he can he is sitting around outside or in my room meowing incessantly. I find it really funny but also I am wondering what terrible trauma Charlie suffered at the hands of an evil baby in the early months of his life.

I'm psyched about the Covert Affairs pilot. Alan Sepinwall really sold it to me with his initial review of the show, in which he describes it as a "straightforward version of 'Alias'".

I keep watching Pretty Little Liars. It's so bad. Terrible. I don't know why I am hooked. The teacher/student romance plot in particular winds me up MORE THAN I CAN SAY. Although, to the show's credit, in episode 5 I think it was, the douchebag teacher's much more attractive friend was all "Hey dummy! Are you fucking crazy? If you keep this up you're going to prison." Finally someone talking sense! I mean, really. This fucking idiot is actively pursuing a relationship with one of his students, who is barely sixteen, and he's all, asking her out on dates in his classroom where anyone can walk in, or listen in. GOD. If you're going to break the law and destroy your career at least be CAREFUL, dipshit. I'd probably like this plot more if the two of them had even a little bit of chemistry but as it is they just skeeve me out. I did, however, appreciate the scene where he lost his shit in class, because while I still found it hilariously unrealistic, a similar thing did actually happen to me one time when Matt (my hot, fucking asshole ex-teacher for those of you who don't know) was a dick to me in class because he was attracted to me and couldn't handle it. I should not be identifying with this plot. I keep wanting to because it's like, MY situation (only different because I'm not jail bait) but everything that happens is just not the way it would happen in reality. I can't believe I'm talking about this again.
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