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Would you rather do my poll or punch yourself in the face?

Barbara Trapido's latest novel arrived today. Hurrah! She is my favourite author and it's called "Sex and Stravinsky" which is a great title. Because it has the word sex in it.

I'm currently reading about five books and I'm not making much headway with any of them. Although I'm now halfway through "Story of O". WHY DOES THIS BOOK EXIST. I don't like it at all but it seems important that I finish it. I'm three pages into a very long book about The French Revolution. I don't see myself getting much further with it because I don't care enough. It's okay though because another book just turned up called "Vive La Revolution" which is also about the French Revolution but is apparently funny, so. I'm good. The other day I started reading "Picture This" by Joseph Heller which is intriguing so far. And today I started a book called "The Enlightenment" by Dorinda Outram which looks to be fascinating. I appear to have a problem with commitment.

Speaking of which I was told by a counsellor today that all my problems stem from my relationship with my father (and the rest of my family). LOL. I suspect she is correct!

I would rather...

Be alone forever

I would rather...

Bang Eric Northam
Bang Alcide Herveaux
Bang Pam

That first question reminds me of this game Hilary and I played whilst on holiday, which we'll simply call "Would you rather?" Because what we'd do is come up with two absolutely hideous options that we had to choose from. Things like, would you rather be with someone who had bad breath or BO? Would you rather be with someone who didn't drink or who was super religious? Would you rather date a man with this hairstyle:


Or this one:


Would you rather be with a person you loved with all your heart who cheated on you or with someone totally devoted to you who you cared about but who you weren't madly in love with?

I'm actually asking you guys so please do let me know your answers. And hit me with your own impossible questions if the mood takes you.
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