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Experimentations with animated text, plus some tv talk

Dear tommy_chivs...


Thank you so much duskwillow and mobiusklein for the virtual gifts. <3

Sons of Anarchy, Season 2

So much better than season 1. It peaked with Balm and Service, which I thought were two of the best episodes from any drama on TV over the last year, and then the show dipped a bit in quality for the last two episodes, with a number of OTT plot points I'm not crazy about (the baby stealing, Gemma's weird religious bent, Gemma on the lam) but overall I found S2 to be astoundingly well done. Katey Sagal (yes I have finally learned how to spell her name correctly) being snubbed at the Emmys is a goddamn travesty.

Mostly I want to talk about the Gemma/Tig scene from Service though. Because it was the most scorchingly erotic scene, uh... EVER. I have watched it countless times. I didn't even know I wanted that to happen but I now understand that it's exactly what's always been missing from my life. Why do I find Tig so sexy? Is it just me? I'll be honest, I've always found him attractive, despite myself. That voice, those eyes, the sly humour. GUH. I mean sure, season 2 has been an amazing arc for him and he is a much more complex and interesting character now - no longer the one dimensional sociopath of season one, hurrah. But the way he relates to women is still fascinating: how did he know what Gemma was going through? Has he had feelings for her for a while? Why was he so drawn to her after finding out about the rape? Of all the people to offer Gemma the kind of comfort she so desperately needed at that time and it fell to a man who has never been shown to respect women: the guy is a self-confessed necrophiliac for pete's sake! (And therefore, arguably, a rapist. Dead women can't consent after all.) Anyway, point is, Gemma and Tig will likely never get to finish what they started and that sucks because their chemistry is off the scale.


Finished Freaks and Geeks. I have a new found respect for Martin Starr, who I already loved anyway because of Party Down, but on F&G? The greatest character/performer in a very strong cast. I really want him to have a long, successful career because he is absolutely marvellous.


I am enjoying Justified very much.

I have tried Undeclared but all I can think is: I can see why this got cancelled. It's mildly enjoyable but mostly just not very good. And lovely Charlie Hunnam is a far better dramatic actor than he is a comic one. Not sure I'll bother with the rest of the season.
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