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Hey everyone.

I got back from Italy on Friday and I'm off work this week too so I'm going to continue working on my sunburn. I'm in mild pain but definitely good and red now. Tomorrow night I'm meeting some friends in town and I'm going to wear a dress! I don't normally wear dresses but I feel like being tall and feminine at the moment because it gets me attention from men and I need that right now.

Sometimes it even gets me attention from boys!

It was after the wedding on Monday night. The bus drives the wedding party back to Florence and it was an Irish wedding so everyone is trolleyed and singing Irish songs all the way home. The bus drops us all at the train station and Hilary (who is wasted) and I start walking to our hotel, which is a five minute walk away. Except Hilary is hungry so we stop at this kiosk near the station and she orders a fancy hot dog (without the hot dog but with cheese because she's a veggie) and there are these two boys just hanging out near the kiosk smoking cigarettes. I sit down on something (I cannot remember what) and wait for Hilary's cheese dog to be made (and it's fancy remember so this takes a little while) and one of the boys, the pretty one, the really really pretty one, asks me for a cigarette. I shrug at him because I don't have any (I actually smoked three cigarettes at the wedding but I figure it's fine to cheat while I'm on holiday because I haven't been a smoker for more that two years so it's really not an issue anymore). Then as we're leaving he tells me I'm beautiful, which is nice. Anyway, we're now about a two minute walk from our hotel but we still manage to get lost. That's not as embarrassing as it sounds because we'd only been there one night and Hilary was really drunk (and I never know where I am), but it's 3 in the morning and I'm tired and my feet hurt from dancing myself sober at the wedding, so being lost is terribly frustrating.

But the boys! They were just up the road and they saw we were confused about something and they came to our rescue. They had very little English and Hilary and I only know like "ciao" and "prego" but they understood that we were lost and offered to walk us to our hotel. We had fun trying to understand each other on the way home, Hilary made the pretty one laugh with her drunkenness and he told her he loved her, then he told me I was beautiful again and then, when we hit the street our hotel was on, Hilary was up ahead with the less pretty but very sweet one, and I said thank you to the pretty one and gave him a hug. And then a kiss on the cheek near his mouth. And then he kind of pulled me towards him and I gave him a slightly longer kiss on his mouth.

And then I shook him off! And started to walk away!

"You're so young you're so young. How old are you even?"

He pauses. "Twenty six?"

"LOL. There is no way you're twenty six." He couldn't have been more than eighteen.

We get to the door of the hotel, which is locked so we have to wait until they buzz us in. And the really quite hot and confident pretty teenage Italian boy beckons for me to say goodbye to him again, so I went towards him and let him pull me in for a proper kiss. We made out, briefly, and it was super hot and very wrong, and then I stormed off again, laughing and telling him to get the hell away from me.


I may have a few holiday snaps to share at some point if I can be bothered uploading them. I'm a bit lazy at the moment so I'm making no promises.

PS. I'm halfway through Freaks and Geeks. So painfully truthful, ♥
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