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Hot, dirty, wrong and SO BEAUTIFUL

OMG. This post is NOT about Smallville. I'm not even going to MENTION Smallville. Not ONCE.

This post is all about the movie Mysterious Skin. Have any of you seen it? Because seriously, if you haven't you should. I mean, it's common knowledge that we all like hot guys? We like them gay? And sexy? And teenage hustlers work for us, right? And the hot and dirty and wrong stuff? We like that a lot, yes?

Okay, so this movie is really harrowing in places (there's a decidedly unerotic rape in it, for instance) but it's also very beautiful and it's brilliantly acted, and I am now officially in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt, who I always loved (so cute in Third Rock, so adorable in Ten Things I Hate About You) but now I don't just love him, I LOOOOOOOVE HIM. I'm gonna picspam you now, but there's no way these pics can do justice to his remarkable sexul magnatism and charisma. He's so beautiful. So sexy. So dark. You HAVE to see this film just so you can lust after him with me.

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