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Clips you should see, Sons of Anarchy, Pretty Little Liars

Some great youtube clips to watch:

If you haven't yet seen this incredibly beautiful, simple and moving "always wear a seatbelt" ad you must rectify that immediately:

Embrace Life

And now for something completely different (and timely, as Glastonbury is nearly upon us). Apparently there are hundreds of these, all using this same scene from Downfall, but this is the first one I saw last night and it had me weeping with laughter:

Hitler learns that David Bowie will not be playing at Glastonbury 2010


Sons of Anarchy, 2.03: Fix

I owe comments on my previous SoA post and I shall get to that shortly, but I did want to mention that I enjoyed this episode a lot. Probably because it featured plenty of my two favourite relationships in the show: Jax and Tara, and Tara and Gemma. I've always found the Tara/Gemma dynamic fascinating because while they clearly don't like each other much they do respect each other. And now, in the wake of the rape, Gemma has put her trust in Tara, and Tara is exactly the person Gemma needs at the moment. I love watching these two women get closer and I love that Gemma has finally accepted Tara as Jax’s old lady and is now giving her advice. I’m not remotely excited about Gemma finding religion (ugh why? Why does American television so often have to promote Christianity as some kind of magical remedy for trauma? I would die happy if I never saw that storyline again) and I’m hoping that it doesn’t become a big thing this season. Absolutely loved the way Tara staked her claim on Jax – I would have hated her to take Gemma’s suggestion of getting violent, because it’s not in Tara’s nature to be like that, so fucking Jax in the bathroom was perfection. Those two have insane chemistry with each other (as do Tara and Gemma) and I particularly enjoyed his thoroughly delighted response to her pouncing on him.

Pretty Little Liars, 1.02: The Jenna Thing

I watched episode 2 of Pretty Little Liars even though I hate this show. The whole teacher/high school student romance is filling me with rage. It’s so unrealistic! As if the teacher would actively pursue a relationship with his student in such a manner. At the very least he would try to resist it for a while, but this chump? Is practically wearing a sign on his head saying “I’m a statutory rapist”! Why I am questioning the authenticity of this stupid fucking show is beyond me, but I feel like it’s mocking me and therefore I have to put it in its place.


True Blood rules.
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