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Kate's Emmys!

Behind the cut you will find Kate's personal Emmy awards, with nominees selected only from the shows I watch. My winners in each category are italicised at the top of their list and there's some commentary within each category. To make it more difficult for myself I've only nominated one actor per show, which means there are plenty of actors not receiving the credit they deserve. WOE.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama

Jennifer Carpenter - Dexter
Rose Byrne - Damages
Aimee Teegarden - Friday Night Lights
Christina Hendricks - Mad Men
Khandi Alexander - Treme

Clearly Rose Byrne is a lead actress but I wanted to nominate both her and Glenn Close so she's stuck in this category. I picked Christina Hendricks over Elizabeth Moss just because I like her better. And as much as I loathed S4 of Dexter it cannot be denied how powerful Jennifer Carpenter's performance was. She is the only thing I will miss about that show.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama

Aaron Paul - Breaking Bad
Martin Short - Damages
Zach Gilford - Friday Night Lights
John Goodman - Treme
Ryan Kwanten - True Blood

No contest here, and I say that as someone who would kill everyone in this room if it meant Zach Gilford got the recognition he deserves for his exceptional performance on Friday Night Lights this year. I think he might have submitted himself in the guest star category, but my Emmys don't have that category so he stays here. Ryan Kwanten pipped ASkars to the post because I genuinely think he's doing the best acting work on True Blood. I adored Martin Short, John Goodman was absolutely wonderful, but no one in all of television has blown my mind this year like Aaron Paul. I will actually be upset if he doesn't win, especially if he loses to one of the actors on Lost.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy

Nick Offerman - Parks and Recreation
Donald Glover - Community
Ty Burrell - Modern Family
Ryan Hanson - Party Down
Justin Kirk - Weeds

Hardest category ever. How to decide between Danny Pudi and Donald Glover? I had to give it to Glover in the end because his timing and delivery is absolutely flawless and imo he's the most consistently funny in the cast. And how to pick one person from Party Down? Martin Starr and Ken Marino are both brilliant but on the strength of the last couple episodes my nomination has to go to Hansen. There really is nothing funnier than a well-played idiot, hence my deep, passionate love for Chris Pratt on Parks and Recreation. Unfortunately he misses out on my vote because he shares the screen with Nick Offerman, who is the clear winner here. If you watch P&R you know why.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy

Kaitlin Olsen - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Jane Adams - Hung
Merritt Weaver - Nurse Jackie
Aubrey Plaza - Parks and Recreation
Lizzy Caplin - Party Down

I would love all these women to win an Emmy for their awesome, awesome work.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy

Amy Poehler - Parks and Recreation
Courtney Cox - Cougar Town
Edie Falco - Nurse Jackie
Toni Colette - United States of Tara
Mary Louise Parker - Weeds

Very hard decision. My first instinct was to give this to Edie Falco, who is fucking amazing, but actually Amy Poehler is much, much funnier, and this is a comedy category after all. NB. I bumped Tina Fey for Courtney Cox, who I've been really impressed with this year.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy

Scott Michael Foster - Greek
Alec Baldwin - 30 Rock
Jason Shwartzman - Bored to Death
Joel McHale - Community
Adam Scott - Party Down

I struggled to find nominees I love in this category. I wasn't particularly enamoured by Alec Baldwin's performance this year and I've cooled on Joel McHale. So I decided to include Scott Michael Foster, even though, if Greek were an Emmy-friendly show, he'd probably be considered a supporting actor.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama

Kyle Chandler - Friday Night Lights
Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad
John Hamm - Mad Men
Ian Sommerhalder - The Vampire Diaries

Yeah I am behind on House, Lost and Sons of Anarchy, but honestly I wouldn't want Hugh Laurie in this category again anyway because boring. Frankly I only stuck John Hamm in there because I didn't know who else to nominate. I admit it feels a bit silly including Ian Sommerhalder on this list because he's not quite in the same league as the others, but I do think he's doing a marvellous job on TVD and he's certainly much better than most CW actors.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama

Connie Britton - Friday Night Lights
Glenn Close - Damages
January Jones - Mad Men
Katie Segal - Sons of Anarchy

Hah, I don't watch many straight dramas do I.

Outstanding Drama Series

Breaking Bad
Friday Night Lights
Mad Men
(Sons of Anarchy)

I'm not quite finished watching S1 of Sons of Anarchy but I am presuming the second season will be very good and worthy of a nomination. Choosing between Treme and Breaking Bad is practically impossible, but it's just got to be Breaking Bad for me.

Outstanding Comedy Series

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Bored to Death
Parks and Recreation
Party Down

That's right bitches! I'm giving this to Sunny. Because of Kitten Mittons and because of my favourite ever episode - The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention. Parks may have been the strongest show overall this year, and Party Down may be the dearest to my heart, but *nothing* makes me laugh like Sunny does. I picked Community over Modern Family and Cougar Town, although I like them all about the same amount. Nurse Jackie and USoT didn't get considered because they're more drama than comedy most of the time. ETA. I forgot to mention 30 Rock. Hrm, it probably deserves a nomination but I'm not very happy with it at the moment so I'm snubbing it.

Feel free to tell me your noms/winners.
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