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Breaking Bad, Pretty Littls Liars, Party Down

Breaking Bad, 3.12: Half Measures

Fuck me that was AWESOME. This has become absolutely my favourite drama. It constantly surprises me, always entertains me, and every week is basically a dark, funny, riveting, insane mini-masterpiece. I would have been satisfied with that as a season finale, but there's ONE MORE EPISODE TO GO HOLY CRAP (I know it aired last night, don't spoil me if you value your life).

I certainly don't always love Walt - he's an utter douchebag most of the time - but what he did for Jesse at the end of the episode was the single coolest and most fucked up thing I've ever seen, and while I anticipated Walt rescuing Jesse at the last moment I never in a million years predicted it would be like THAT. I mean, Walt is both directly and indirectly responsible for countless deaths, and he's incredibly delusional about his part in them ("we're not murderers, it's as simple as that") but surely even Walt can't deny that he murdered those two scumbags in cold-ass blood. He ran them over with his car, then, in order to finish the job properly he fucking *shot one of them in the head without even blinking*.


Best ending EVER.

It's true that the subject matter is relentlessly grim but don't let that put you off watching this show. Because it's also extremely, blackly funny, gorgeous to look at, the (sparse, brutal and effective) violence is always staged inventively, and the writing and acting is out of this world. I really, really want Aaron Paul to win an Emmy. He got nominated last year but didn't win and I will be rooting for him so hard this year. He's *magnificent*. I love that the writers give him lots of monologues because they know he delivers them so superbly. Now they just have to find a way to keep Jesse alive because the show wouldn't be nearly as great without him.

Pretty Little Liars, 1.01: Pilot

I wanted to love this because it's about beautiful girls doing naughty things, but by the end I couldn't stand any more of the hokey dialogue or the soap-opera plot-lines/characters/relationships. Too many cliches, not enough (any) wit.

Party Down

I love this so much. It's never going to get a third season and that is a tragedy. The ratings suck, and both Adam Scott and Ryan Hanson are moving on to other shows, so even if it did get renewed it would be quite a different show next year. It's just so damn GOOD though. Why aren't you watching it?
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