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SV S5 Thirst and other SV related sex stuff

I'm starting to like Kristin Kreuk and I don't know whether this has anything to do with TCM and ridemestallion  and all that palava, but I just freaking LOVED her in Thirst. Well, except for that last scene where she was all, "You're the strongest, bestest, tastiest, warmest boyfriend in all the land!" but that's mainly because she looked like shit. What's with the pink lippy, bub? CUT THAT OUT NOW. I mean, she's fucking foxy in black and as a bitch and the poor girl gets stuck wearing pastals all the time and having to be a princess, neither of which suit her.

"You talk too much, Clark."

That's great stuff right there. But yeah, even in the beginning scenes before she got vamped up by the We Think Lana's Perfect Sorority, she wasn't grating on me like she did in the old days. I think KK's got a fuckload better as an actress and has possibly realised that she needs to at least TRY to inject more personality into the personality VOID that is normal!Lana.

Mostly S5 Clana is sexlessly cute and I guess they're not fucking anymore because Clark's scared that his super sperm might blow a hole through her back or something. But seriously, how gay is it that when Lana is actually *sexy* he's all, EEP, what's wong wiv you, I'm scared, get off me, don't kiss me, don't touch me, you're not yourself coz real Lana isn't exciting in any way and are you feeling alright and OMG I'm such a GIANT FAG. Lana was quite right to diss him to the girls later because why the *fuck* does Clark want to talk about his feelings instead of fucking his girlfriend?

Which brings me to my new favourite sex fantasy, which you all know about but which I'm going to share with you again anyway because it's HOT.

I'm just really into the whole idea of Clark fucking Lana but thinking about Lex. Lana's wet pussy sliding up and down Clark's cock and all Clark can think about is Lex, naked and hard, smooth and hairless and perfect, on his hands and knees and Clark pushes his slicked up cock into Lex's ass and fucks him hard and for a long time, and then Lana's coming and he's coming and it's all, thanks babe, that was great, let's go to sleep now. Clark pretends to sleep and feels guilty and confused but he knows he'll do it again next time because Lex is such a sexy motherfucker.

Well, he IS.

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