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Smallville, 9.20: Hostage

This is what always happens to me with Smallville. An episode comes along that I really love, usually after an endless spell of feeling generally indifferent about the show, and I get all excited and emotional because I'd forgotten that on the odd occasion Smallville can actually make me feel something genuine. And then....

It goes back to sucking.

Sacrifice was the worst. I can't even barely remember it other than I know I hated it.

And Hostage was alright, and it was awesome seeing Perry and Martha, and I liked certain scenes, and holy GOD Tom Welling looked sensational throughout. But the thing is, the only aspect of the show that I actually care about is the Clois. And when they get it right, like they did in Charade, they are one of my all time favourite ships. The problem is, the next natural step in their story is for Clark to tell her the truth, and I'm not convinced they're going to go there (yet). If they put it off much longer I will scream. It's time. Charade brilliantly showed us that Clark and Lois can't be together - not *really* together - until he tells her who he is.

So why did she break up with him because he's supposedly holding her back? That is such a weirdly ridiculous reason! Ridiculous because there is a very, very GOOD reason for them to not be together right now: HE IS LYING TO HER. And while she doesn't know that I would have been happier for there to have been a little more continuity from Charade, and have them maybe be struggling with their relationship because of that very intense and serious conversation they had about whether Clark is enough for her. I thought, for a second, that they were going to bring that up, and I guess I can fanwank it and say that Lois's inappropriately timed break-up was fall out from that conversation: i.e. she realised that Clark's not enough for her but feels too guilty to admit it to herself, so is instead claiming that it's because she needs to ~*~find herself~*~. Or whatever.

I will eat my hat (and buy you all champange!) if Clark tells her the truth in the season finale. I'm now entirely bored with her not knowing and I have no desire to watch him lying to her for another season. Of course, I will watch the next season no matter what, if only to ogle Erica and Tom.
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