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Smallvile, 9.19: Charade

Favourite episode of the season. Favourite Clark/Lois episode ever.

Smallville doesn't make me cry very often. Charade had me bawling my eyes out.

I don't think Smallville has ever been quite that romantic before. I was saying only a few days ago that I was on hiatus from shipping Clois. HIATUS OVER. It only takes one really great episode after all, and damn. This was it. I imagine this will win over quite a few people who have never shipped them before. It was smart, well written by SV standards, and genuinely heartbreaking. Both Lois and Clark came out looking like the truly extraordinary people we know them to be (but that the show doesn't show us enough of). They both shone so brightly and I've never loved either of them more. God I wanted *so so much* for him to tell her. I was *aching* for it. But the story was so well crafted that the conclusion they both came to felt right. AWFUL. But right. Clark's final question to her - "Am I enough?" Breaks my heart. Because it's a good question. He knows the connection that Lois has with the Blur. He IS that connection.

This is where Smallville's proclivity for angst pays off. They take a classic scenario - Lois dating Clark at the same time as having a 'relationship' with Superman, but not realising they're the same person - and they explore the tragedy in that as opposed to the comedy. Erica and Tom both put in astonishing performances, I thought. When Clark talks to Lois as the Blur, during their 'last conversation' and they're doing it old school, in a phone book (Clark, the *real* Blur, has never done it any other way), because he wants to talk to her in a place that means something to both of them - oh god this is the scene I started crying - and he ends it.

"I know that we would do anything to protect each other." That line might win for the most romantic in the episode.

Lois doesn't care about the risk, she cares about the mission. But losing Lois isn't a risk Clark can take.

"If anyone calls claiming to-to be me, don't believe them. No matter what they say or what happens you can't trust them."

His *voice* in that scene. It kills him that Zod used him to get to Lois and he had no idea it was going on. It kills him that he's hurting her and that he has no choice.

I still want him to tell her. I do. I really just want that so much. I've never wanted it quite this much before and I blame Charade. It's always been a minor annoyance to me, but it's Smallville and the show plays by certain rules. 'Clark's secret' is Smallville's central theme. So I've always known that Clark wouldn't tell Lois and I live with it even though I don't like it. But NOW? Finally an argument for Clark keeping his secret from the woman he loves that satisfies me. I'm under no illusions here: the reason I like it now is because it's Lois's decision. It's a *joint* decision that they both made for the same reason. And it fucking sucks. God Lois is so selfless that she not only understands why the Blur must keep his identity from her, she demands it. Because she shares his ethos. They're so similar in that way and this is why they're perfect for each other.

This is also where the tragedy of the situation lies: she doesn't know that he's Clark. She's with a man she loves deeply but there's something missing: the feelings she has for the Blur. Clark and the Blur are the same person and she doesn't *know*, and that's awful for her becasse she feels as if she's betraying Clark, which she can't bear to do; it's awful for *him* because he's split in two and he's struggling to reconcile the feelings his Blur-side inspires in Lois. He can't help but be hurt and scared that the side of him Lois is in a romantic relationship with might not be enough for her. He is a witness to everything Lois has with his Blur-alter ego (which is not him, the Blur is Clark's mask. To me he is Clark first, Superman second, and that's the way I like it); he has Lois as Clark, and he had Lois as the Blur. But Lois has Clark, and Lois had the Blur, and they're two different people to her and she loves them both in different ways, and her (abstract) love for the Blur is making her question her love for Clark. And if she only knew the secret Clark was hiding from her she would never have demanded the Blur hide his identity from her. OH GOD IT'S SO TRAGIC. If she doesn't tell Clark that he's enough for her I don't even know what I'll do.

Wow that got long.

Other things I liked:

- Tess and Chloe sparing is always quite entertaining.
- Ray Sacks is hilariously over the top. I love how he just casually and gleefully kills anyone who pisses him off.
- The dude with the ability to extract memories. That is so COOL. [Holy crap that's Billy from Ally McBeal!]
- The Red Queen? Nice leggy introduction. Is she a DC character?
- The 'preview' Clois make-out session in the lift, that we didn't get to see, which somehow made it ten times hotter. If you're me and you have my imagination at any rate.
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