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Oh God I am miserable. Very little gets me down; I am even-tempered, happy, easy going and chilled. If you know me you know this. But apparently some things do actually turn me into a shrew!

I live in a three story house - we have the first and second floors and our downstairs neighbour, Sacha, owns the ground floor flat. He is absolutely lovely and I really like him, btw. Since moving in a year or two ago he (with the help of his parents) has done a lot of renovations to the place, and currently he is getting his kitchen redone. This has meant tearing out the ceiling. Who the fuck replaces a CEILING? Whatever, anyway, we can now see through the floor boards in our downstairs toilet right into his place. The problem with all this work, though, is that now our house is full of fine dust. It's everywhere. It's in every single room, including the bedrooms on the second floor. There's a layer of it on everything in the house; it's inside the cupboards for fuck's sake.

Now, at first I was just pissed off about it, because I couldn't pick anything up without getting dust all over my hands. But now I'm upset. You can *see* it in the air. Our house is actually murky with dust. My eyes hurt, my chest hurts and I have asthma.

I really do think it's perfectly reasonable to ask them, once all the work is done, to pay for professional cleaners to come in and do our entire flat. It's not our dust after all and I don't want to clean it myself. Because I know cleaning all that dust (which is an ENORMOUS job) will make my asthma so much worse. We're going to have to clean some of it tomorrow because we're having a party, but seriously, they should pay for cleaners right?

I've been looking forward to this party for months - it's my post essay party and it's the first party we've had in the house since new year's eve 2008. But now I'm going to feel really crappy because I've inhaled so much dust. Oh God writing this post has actually made me cry. I can't believe how much this is bothering me. I think I will have to ask the girls to clean downstairs tomorrow because I cannot handle it.
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