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Bones, TVD, Smallville and Glee

Essay is in. I thought I would feel relieved or something but instead last night I had an exam dream. In the dream I was Nurse Jackie and my husband caught me hanging out with my lover and then he drove us all into a wall. After that we visited the biggest mansion in the city, which was owned by a small, old, friendly Chinese lady. Then I had to sit an exam about all of these events.

Bones, 5.17: The Death of the Queen Bee

I did not see this coming at all, but "The Death of the Queen Bee" might be my very favourite episode of Bones. It was funny, moving, romantic and well written. It made me realise that I haven't been enjoying the show all that much for a while, and that a lot of episodes these days are more disappointing than anything else. I loved it. It made me ship Hodgins/Angela again (and God how amazing were all the scenes involving Angela, Hodgins and Wendell? Just perfect). I haven't loved all the characters this much in years. Why can't it always be so charming and entertaining?

Vampire Diaries, 1.18: Under Control

This show is awesome.

David Anders playing a hot, scary, intelligent, fascinating villain? WIN. I love that I wasn't spoiled for that and I am so, so happy to see him in a decent show again (as opposed to lameass Heroes. Not that I watched Heroes when he was in it. Because it's Heroes).

Mostly I am in awe over how much more interesting Stefan is now that he's got his blood lust on. I don't find him particularly attractive anymore (although it was super hot when he got all vamp-horny and threw Elena around on the bed) but I'm definitely enjoying this storyline and I kind of want him to, like, kill someone soon. I think because when uptight control freaks lose control it tends to be wildly erotic, especially when the control freak is a vamp, because the way vamps kill people is so sexual.

I'm starting to come around to Elena/Stefan a wee bit. They're quite a boring couple but I really believe in Elena's love for him. Kudos to Nina Dobrev I must say. I don't love her as an actress but she's doing some good work, and Elena as a character is definitely very cool.

Damon continues to be wonderful.

Smallville, 9.17: Upgrade

I don't have it in me to get angry about Chloe's shadiness being validated, or about Lois knocking back Clark again, because I didn't expect anything different. The writers apparently don't have as much love for Clark's moral compass as I do, but whatever, they totally understand that Tom Welling is super hot playing Red K Clark. And they definitely understand the incredible gayness of Clark and Zod hanging out together. Bromance indeed.

You know, as much as I ship Clois, a really adored all of the Lois/Corben scenes. Holy crap BAG is sexy. Not that I wanted her to run away with him or anything but I would have forgiven her if she'd given him a snog goodbye.


Yeah I'm done. It's just so fucking awful. There's no plot, I hate every single character, and the musical numbers basically just embarrass me now. I entirely agree with Heather Havrilesky's review, except that I don't have any faith that the show can or will ever get better. They made Jane Lynch unfunny. JANE LYNCH. Goddamit why can't Party Down be as successful as it deserves to be? Jane's character on that show was utterly adorable and always funny. Sue Sylvester is a one-note, one-joke asshole, with no redeeming features. Fuck you, Glee. Fuck you for sucking so hard.
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