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Had much fun on Saturday night watching Twilight: New Moon with silveronthetree, glammetalkitten and penumbra. We mostly talked over the movie because it sucks so hard, but I made everyone be quiet during the Edward scenes. I hate Jacob so much. Taylor Lautner is fugly and has no charisma.


Team Edward
Team Jacob
Team I hate Twilight

Mary, this is for you (but the rest of you will enjoy it too):

Prettiest movie star ever? Yes!

Speed 2
This movie is so awesome I went to see it at the cinema four times.

Speed 1
I was so in love with Keanu I decided I would change my name to Kate Reeves. My mother supported this plan because Keanu rules.


Southland Tales is the weirdest movie I have ever seen. But Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a ridiculously charming porn star in it, so. Tentatively recommended?



I am inordinately fond of Jimmi Simpson. He kills me as Liam McPoyle in Sunny and he was the funniest thing about the first episode of season 2. With his quiet, velvety voice, slightly unfocused gaze, sleepy smile, and deliciously weird charisma, he's the kind of fearless comedian who can do anything, no matter how wacky (or gross), and make it hilarious.

Megan Mullaly is a good replacement for Jane Lynch, if not quite as funny. I'm not normally a fan but so far I'm digging what she brings to the table.

Absolutely delighted that the chemistry between Henry and Casey is as sexy as ever. I also love that Henry is now dating Uda and I hope that means Kristen Bell will guest again this season.

Martin Starr is amazing and I have great love and respect for him, but he hits my embarrassment squick too hard sometimes; luckily what's funny about the scenes when he incompetently hits on women is Kyle coming along and showing us all how it's really done.

Love this show, love the whole cast; if you're not watching it you should be because it's one of the best comedies on television.
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