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Uni and Smallville, 9.15: Escape

Yesterday I submitted my module choices for year 2 of my degree. I'm not that excited about any of the Y2 classes but I'm REALLY excited about what I'll be doing in my third year. This year I will have a compulsory Humanities class - The Enlightenment and its Others - which I don't care about at all. It will probably be a lot more interesting than I'm giving it credit for but I really just don't give a crap about the Enlightenment. I'm taking two Media classes: Screenwriting, which sounds fun but unfortunately I have heard bad things about the teacher; still, it should be quite easy and I am pleased I'll be doing something creative. I'm also doing Film: Narrative and Genre, which doesn't appeal to me as much as some of the other classes, but I'm doing it because it's a pre-requisite for getting into Gender and Sexuality in Cinema in year 3, which is the class I've been most looking forward to since I started. I'll also do Critically Queer, which sounds amazing, and Creative Writing, which, yay.

This is so weird. If you told me five years ago that I'd be all giddy with excitement about a bunch of university classes I would have laughed in your face. Have I mentioned yet that going to uni is the best thing I've ever done? Because it's completely changed my life and I don't think I've ever been this happy. :D


Smallville, 9.15: Escape

Horny Clark is hilarious. I don't know what I found more genius - Clark singing excitedly about Lois in the shower or his reaction when he saw the costume she was wearing. Lois and her costumes kill me. I love that they're obviously both dying to shag each other and I'm not even disappointed that they didn't get to, because it means I've still got their first time to look forward to.

I actually... quite liked Chloe in this episode. It's good that she's moved on from Clark, and even if I don't feel much chemistry between her and Ollie I can get on board with the nature of their relationship: they know what they have won't last but for now it's exactly what they need. I particularly loved Ollie's line: "Funny thing about scars. They're always there; doesn't mean they haven't healed." That's a nice metaphor for the way we can all feel about people we've loved in the past.

Another thing I liked was Chloe and Clark talking (prudishly) about sex. The show needed to address the issue of Clark being able to fuck without hurting his partner, and I think it's perfectly plausible that he's now able to because he learned to control his powers. The fact that he's made the decision to do it, and that he's super psyched about it, is both adorable and hot.

I still don't like Zod but I'm quite into Tess/Zod because they're so completely twisted: they're attracted to the other's power but equally excited about trying to take it from them.

My favourite Tess line was: "We all want the same thing: a better world," because it gave me chills. She's totally psychotic.
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