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Saw Sherlock Holmes and... I really enjoyed it! I am surprised by this. But it was very much a lot of fun, RDJ was as wonderful as ever and even Jude Law charmed my pants off. They reminded me of House and Wilson - duh - except that I found myself shipping them (whereas I have never, ever shipped House/Wilson and I never, ever will). I'm a little embarrassed that I only twigged about the *naming* of House whilst watching this film. Holmes sounds like home is like house. PLUS Dr Watson sounds a bit like Dr Wilson. *HEADDESK*


The Informant! is one of the best films I've seen this year - it's intelligent, witty and entertaining, with a terrific central performance by a paunchy, never-better Matt Damon. Highly recommended.


Damages, 3.11: All That Crap About Your Family

Okay I know I said I didn't ship Patty/Ellen but basically what happened after that was I realised how crazy I was being. Because now I'm finding it impossible not to interpret Patty's obsession with Ellen as anything other than romantic. First she goes and has a drunken meltdown because she thinks Ellen betrayed her; she's all whimpery and heart-broken and drunk and pathetic, and then she's all, "I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN BECAUSE YOU HURT ME SO BAD." And then she daydreams about Ellen when she's hanging out with that other lawyer and she has an epiphany: no one can replace Ellen. Oh, and at the same time Ellen talks about maybe going back to work for Patty with her dead boyfriend, and really I mean come on let's face it who are we trying to kid, there is no way those two aren't into each other.

God I hate Arthur Frobisher and his darkness. The actor playing the actor playing Arthur in the movie was once in Sex and the City (as the sexy jazz musician who couldn't sit still), and then he was in Boston Legal for a bit (as the sexy lawyer who actually turned out to be not all that sexy), and I'm not convinced he's very good.

I saw the ending coming a mile off and it was as grim as I feared it would be. I really would have preferred for that not to happen and I think it would have been more surprising if they'd gone another way. For instance I would have quite liked to see how Tobin would have dealt with his 'new daughter', and now what we're going to get instead is a scene where he finds out that he's responsible for her murder. Hurrah. What a barrel of laughs that will be.

I'm a fan of a few FX shows - Damages, Rescue Me, my beloved Always Sunny - and I find it quite amusing that they don't allow the word "fuck" to be used. Have you seen those shows? There's a lot of shit going on in them that's way more offensive than fuck.

And now? Smallville! (I read on my flist today that Tom Welling has a really filthy sense of humour and tells the best dirty jokes. That is awesome.)
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