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You know that thing that happens when you HATE your dickhead of a flatmate because you call him half an hour before House starts and his sister answers the phone and you're all, um, put Hamish on and she yells at him and he's all, does Kate want me to tape House for her, and you're like, yes please, that'd be great, just stick a tape in now (we don't have TIVO or whatever here, FYI), thank you very much, and then you get home and the stupid motherfucker didn't fucking tape your favourite show because he was so fucking drunk, and THEN he turns up later after going to the pub and starts hugging you and biting your neck and generally being a drunk asshole and you're like, GET THE FUCK OFF ME YOU DRUNK ASSHOLE, except you don't say that because you're nice and he's too fucking hammered to have a clue and he even falls over onto his ass at one point and you hate him too much because he forgot to tape your show despite being asked to HALF AN HOUR beforehand so you don't find him falling on his ass remotely amusing, it's just pathetic? *That* thing?

*is a bitter and angry fangirl who hates drunk assholes who don't tape shows when asked*
Tags: rant, real life
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