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Favourite quote of the year so far; Fire Bomb; Batman vs Superman; and Damages.

[as seen on the Red Carpet Fashion Awards]

Miley Cyrus on her chemistry with Liam:

“I think we’re both deeper than normal people—what they think and how they feel."

LOL. Awesome.


When is Rihanna going to release Fire Bomb as a single already? I like Photographs but come ON. Fire Bomb is the best song on the album. >:(


T-Rex's Batman obsession continues to amuse.


Who's watching Damages this year? My favourite thing about this season, by quite a long way, is Martin Short. I'll be surprised if he doesn't get an Emmy nomination for this performance because he's utterly mesmerising. In fact the acting in general is excellent and I think a lot of credit has to go, also, to the directors, who bring out very naturalistic performances from the entire cast, no matter how absurdly OTT some of the material is.

This episode was all very meta, with the movie pitch about Patty and Arthur Frobisher being a slightly too obvious way for the writers to talk about how great they are. Yes, we get that the villainous characters in Damages are sympathetic and three dimensional. You guys are super clever! I also found the Patty's apartment = Patty herself to be a rather heavy handed metaphor, but otherwise I liked the episode a lot.

Patty's smackdown of Arthur was made of pure win. She was totally right as well - Arthur is a vain, pathetically insecure douchebag - and I like that she doesn't give a crap about the film. I wonder how the movie storyline will play out. I suspect there's no way it will turn out well for Arthur, because clearly the actor and his agent (?) are deeply untrustworthy. Which is fine with me; I never tire of seeing people ruin Arthur's life.

Another thing I love is how major characterisation is often imparted to us in a throwaway line. Patty telling her (horrible) son that she hasn't seen any of her family in over forty years kind of blew my mind. What the hell?
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