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Greek: 3.18: Camp Buy Me Love

Is Dale Kettlewell the best religious character of all time? Yes he is. Because Clark Duke is a comedy genius. I don't know which made me laugh more: everything Dale said and did or Beaver and Heath giving advice to Rusty. Or Ash giving advice to Rusty based on 80s brat pack movies. Or Ash's love of 80s fashion.

I'm slightly disappointed that Rusty chose Dana, because I find Katherine more appealing, and more entertaining. The issue I have with Dana is the issue I have with anyone who thinks they're owed love just because, umm, I dunno, they're nice or whatever. Because that's not actually nice, is it. In fact, believing you are entitled to love just because you love the other person makes you an asshole. Or a psychotic stalker. Take your pick. And it's like, in choosing her, Rusty (and the show) has rewarded her assholeish behaviour and that irritates me.

Quite a serious storyline for Cappie this week, and one that deepened his characterisation significantly. It was fantastic to learn a bit more about why he's so afraid of change and I thought the episode effectively showed both the good and bad aspects of his childhood - loving but rootless - and how it shaped the amazing but childish person he is today. I'm sympathetic to both Cappie and Casey here (which makes for the best kind of drama): I don't think Cappie should have to change but I understand Casey's frustration with his lack of ambition and his refusal to plan beyond the day.

[aside: I find it absolutely ridiculous that every character on this show believes that fun just... ends. after college. Uh, no. Believe it or not, people in their twenties who work for a living like to party too. I spent the entirety of my twenties getting irresponsibly drunk and not thinking about my future, and pretty much all my friends were the same. I'm in my thirties now and hey, I got irresponsibly drunk last night! Outrageous! But seriously, how much would life suck if all you had after college was a serious job, a serious marriage, serious kids and, like, NO MORE FUN EVER.]


God this song is amazing.
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