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Tiger Woods says Just Do It.

I'm not sure why I didn't do this sooner, but I now urge you to check out Anna's amazing picspam/quotespam Greek pimping post. DO IT.


I am a reckless shopper at times. See, the other day this package from Amazon arrives for Jayna in my office, and I'm all, "what the hell is that?" and she's all, "it's a reusable water bottle." Because apparently you can only reuse plastic water bottles ten times before the plastic starts bleeding into the water and they become carcinogenic. (!) Naturally this terrifies me. So I get online and order two of these, but because I'm a moron I didn't even bother reading the customer reviews. Turns out, as one customer helpfully points out, "the sports cap is very badly designed". This is true. You have to suck really, really hard to get even a trickle of water out of them. WHY DID I BUY TWO? The logic was - one for work, one for home (I nearly bought a third one for carrying around with me, but thank Christ I was feeling too thrifty at the time to do so) but that's still stupid.


I don't know what to make of the fact that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are apparently an actual real live couple. It's made me realise that I shipped them, but only as friends. I think I prefer the idea of them being friends because there's less chance they'll break up that way. The thought that they will soon hate each other makes me sad. Maybe I need to get a life. OR ... maybe I will assume they are just winding us up. (Also, penumbra - we should have that Twilight sequel DVD night soon. With wine. And the other Kate if she is interested.)


We had an interesting class on advertising and semiotics yesterday and we had to each bring in an ad. I brought this one, which I absolutely love (even though it took twenty seconds before I got it). Do you know about any particularly wonderful ads that you think I should see? If so, please comment with links. :)


Hot Teacher said hello to me yesterday and I'm back to being hopelessly in lust with him. Where does one even go to get a life? Despite that patheticness I have a (second!) date next Thursday with a very nice guy called Daniel and I am quite looking forward to it.
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