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How I Met Your Mother, 5.17: Of Course

While I wait for Greek to download (COME ONNNNN COMPUTER I NEED ME SOME CAPPIE) I will blather a bit about How I Met Your Mother.

You know, it was great to see some consequences to the Barney/Robin break up, and I'm glad they've explicitly dealt with Barney's assholehish behvaviour, and the fact that Robin was clearly bothered by it. In fact, seeing Robin privately crying, and knowing her heart was actually broken, was genuinely moving.


Why doesn't Barney feel ANYTHING? That is the *worst* thing about this road the creative team have chosen to travel: not only have they decided that Barney is a character who can never change or progress (because his womanising ways are just. so. funny!), apparently he is a fucking robot. Yeah, he felt a bit bad about Robin being hurt, and he gave her his super date, and he turned down sex with J-Lo (who was totally awesome btw), but why didn't HE feel any pain at losing Robin? Why didn't HE suffer at ALL?

I hate how this storyline has basically ruined Barney for me; I find his antics a lot less funny than I once did, and on the odd occasion when he does do something sweet it's still not quite enough for me. And do you know what the problem with that is? If Barney is no longer particularly funny or deceptively kind, he's really just a shallow, sexist dick. Great. Thanks for nothing, show.
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