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Monday grumbling

Nothing about the news that Adam Scott is joining Parks & Recreations makes me happy. For one, it means he'll no longer be the star of Party Down, which breaks my heart, for two, Leslie already has a love interest! RON. Goddammit, I love Adam and I'm sure I'll love him on P&R but P&R doesn't actually NEED him whereas Party Down does. Why do people not understand that Party Down is one of the best shows on television? Of course, it probably won't be renewed for a third season and this post is all just pointless bitching, but if it IS renewed I am officially annoyed (about Adam leaving, not about it being renewed).

Speaking of annoying, I can't think of a song I hate more than the one that goes, "Call me Mr Flintstone, I can make your bed rock." That lyric is not clever or sexy, it's just lame and it makes me angry.

I didn't watch the Oscars because I never do, but I'm delighted Kathryn Bigelow won. Suck it, James Cameron!
Tags: music, tv: parks and recreation, tv: party down
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