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TV shipping update

Because I don't feel like working.

30 Rock

I still love Jack/Liz, but actually as just BFFs I think now. It's not that I would be opposed to them getting together in future, it's that I absolutely adore the dynamic between them the way it is. Like, neither of them have ever had such a good friend before, yknow? Jenna hardly counts. And the absolute pleasure they both get out of the friendship, and how much they like and respect each other... it's perfect really. I feel terribly disloyal feeling this way. But yeah, if they maybe stop ramming Jack's lack of attraction to Liz down our throats I'm sure I could get on board with romantically shipping them again. Sort it out, show.


I half-heartedly ship Booth/Brennan, but it has dragged on for so long that I don't particularly care either way anymore. IOW if they go there I'll be pleased, but if they don't I won't be displeased.

More interestingly, I have started shipping Cam/Hodgins. RIGHT?! How hot would that be? I just dont' give a shit about Hodgins/Angela anymore (the show ruined it) but I'm totally feeling chemistry between C and H, and as Cam is my favourite I'd love to see her get some, and we all know Hodgins is a good lay.


Jeff/Britta, Jeff/Annie, Jeff/Abed, Abed/Troy, it's all good. Especially Jeff/Britta.

Cougar Town

Yeah, I kept watching it and I quite like it, and the title is genuinely misleading so stop judging me. Not sure I can bring myself to ship anyone, but I suppose if I were forced to I would ship Jules/Grayson.


I personally don't ship anyone but I'm not blind: the best ship is clearly Patty/Ellen.

Friday Night Lights

Coach/Tami and Matty/Jules.


It was Rachel/Puck but now it's no one.


♥GREEEEK♥ Now pretty much my Favourite Show. I love Cappie and Ashleigh best, Rusty and Casey only slightly less than that, and I ship Cappie/Casey so hard I have even considered writing fic, except that there's no point because the show has given me everything I could possibly want. I love it when my OTP is the show's OTP. ♥ ♥


Kirsty is away and I watch this with her so I'm really behind. But I ship House/Cuddy and I'm sure I always will.

How I Met Your Mother

Blergh. Robin/Barney was my ship but the show crapped all over it so now I'm left shipping Ted/the mother. It's a sorry state of affairs.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This is embarrassing but kinda Dennis/Sweet Dee. It's not that I want them to have sex because I don't, it's that I love them together and they should hang out and smoke crack way more.


Uh, Kate/Jack and Kate/Sawyer? I guess?

Modern Family

Is it dumb to ship married couples? Because I do! All of them!

Parks and Recreation

Leslie/Ron. It totally needs to happen.

Party Down

I cannot wait for this to start again. Roll on April! (And if I don't continue to ship Henry/Casey I will be very put out.)



True Blood




The Vampire Diaries


Yeah, so what this exercise tells us is that I am a totally boring canon shipper. Bar Dennis/Dee and Hodges/Cam all of my ships have either become canon or have been heavily hinted at. What about you lot?
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