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Smallville, 9.14: Conspiracy

I should post more. I keep forgetting to mention what I thought of Smallville. So here are some brief thoughts on Conspiracy:

I would be fine with Chloe delusionally blaming Clark for the "Doomsday Scenario" if the writers a) got the irony and b) actually deliver on her descent into villainhood. Because she's pretty much the new Lex now, only without the daddy issues or the sex appeal. In typical Smallville fashion it felt a lot like the episode was more on Chloe's side than Clark's (wouldn't it be nice if, just once, someone on the show said, "Hey you know what? Doomsday totally wasn't Clark's fault!") but then, the way they've been writing Chloe this season has been reasonably consistent. As in, she's becoming more irredeemably pscyhotic by the episode (kryptonite weapons! dating children!) and Dr Fate told her she was headed for a fall, so perhaps someone on the creative team does realise that Chloe's moral compass is frightening as fuck and her contempt for Clark's kinda makes her the worst person ever to (supposedly) be on his side. My preference for Chloe? Prison for life. But I'll take death or madness in a pinch.

Ollie is still a douche but at least uber canon means he'll get himself a better girlfriend in the future.

More scenes where Clark invades Lois's personal space and stares at her all seductive-like with a sexy little smile on his face please Smallville! Holy hotness, Superman. Way to make a fangirl squirm.
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